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8 Useful Techniques for Any Topic

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IELTS Speaking is another most important part in IELTS, it helps you to increase your score. For this we use PPF method. The PPF method involves talking about the past, present and future, which helps you use complex grammar and gives you ideas for your response. In this article, you’ll learn about eight useful techniques to talk about the past. The first P in our IELTS speaking PPF method. Now, one of the main criteria for IELTS speaking is that you develop your ideas. And what we often notice is that students don’t do this enough, particularly when they’re beginning to learn. Now, take an example for part 2 Question:

Describe a movie you enjoyed recently. You should say:

  • What the movie was
  • when you saw it
  • what is was about

And describe why you enjoyed this movie.

So for an IELTS speaking part 2 question like this, you would have one minute to prepare your answer, and then two minutes to talk.

So let’s describe a movie in normal pattern: The movie is called RRR which is from south Indian film industry. I saw it few months ago in theater and movie was so fascinating, action and fiction about old history of India. You even don’t have single second to get bore during watching that movie. I enjoyed in watching action and dialogues delivery.

If you’re thinking the above example is good, then let’s STOP here, students run out of ideas, and they keep adding information without any thought. They just say ‘and’, and then they keep going. And they say ‘ad’ again, and they add more information. Now, it’s not wrong and sometimes ‘and’ is the best word available. But if you’re aiming for 6, 7 or higher, you will need more than this one word. But don’t worry, in this article you’ll get a few ways to avoid the ‘and’ train and get a higher score.

Technique 1: Time Intro-

The first technique is start with a time intro. A lot of IELTS students will start like this :

I’m going to talk about a movie that I enjoyed recently, the movie is called RRR. This is not wrong, but if your want to get a higher score, you’ll want to get into the substance of your response faster than the above answer. And you can do this with a time intro. A time intro is a phrase that will help you start Part Two naturally, like how you would if you were in a conversation with a friend or in an interview.

Examples of a “Time Intro”…
– Last week, I watched ..
– Every Christmas, I watch …
– When I was a kid, I love watching …
– Every day ..
– Next Year ..
– On rainy days …

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