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Reading summary: covers time management, questions types, skills, reading paragraphs, paraphrases.

In most cases, reading become an important part of the IELTS. It’s very important to get good marks in reading, you will get 40 questions and 60 min to complete a reading section in IELTS academic and topics are scientific. You need to answer 30 questions to get band 7, so how you follow the pattern to get good marks in this section. Here are some tips and tricks that help you to bring good scoring in READING.

The most important part in IELTS is time management because you have a lot to read and look into the questions that take lot of time. Usually, the first passage is easy, and the last is hard one, each passage takes 20 minutes to complete. So keep in mind that you have to finish first task in 15 min, second task in 20 min and last one in 25 min. But ideally, you have to go through all the questions more quickly. Basically, when you have a question, but you don’t know the answer, or you can’t find the answer, then don’t spend too much time on that question just mark that question and move on. Once you finish all the question then you have time to review or check previous question at that time look for the answers.

In computer based exam you can save little time than paper based with timer in the top which make more convenient, other thing is that whole question in single screen and questions and answers side by side. So that it’s easy to write the answer anywhere. Mostly people read the whole passage first and then answer the questions, which is not workable to all the person. Because while you were answering the question, mostly you forget what did you read in the passage. So it wasted lots of time, usually you should have to read question first and quickly search answer for that question, no need of paying attention to the details or unknown words and where you found answer in somewhere in the passage then stop and read details of sentence. If you need that sentence then re-read, kept the answer and move to next question.

Another most important part is pay attention to the keywords, through which you can find answers in the paragraph easily. Mostly you never find the question exact word in the paragraph, usually you have to find synonyms of that word from the passage. There’s always be paraphrased, so look for that paraphrase and when you find the sentence and answer in somewhere here, then re-read the sentence or highlight that word from the sentence. Make a habit of highlighting and highlight names, date, places, theories or suspicious words or sentences.

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