7 easy words to say in Speaking for Band 7

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Summary: Now you're thinking how can anybody get 7+ after learning 7 words to say in speaking, now here is the explanation for this.

Now you’re thinking how can anybody get 7+ after learning 7 words to say in speaking, now here is the explanation for this. Speaking is most underrated band getting part in IELTS, but it’s dependent upon you. Even if you’re a native speaker you need to learn these words while you speaking. This section even help to who are the beginner in English language.

Now let’s start about explanations of 7 words :

  • Word 1: *IF
  • Word 2: *MORE
  • Word 3: *TO
  • Word 4: *THE
  • Word 5: *WHICH
  • Word 6: *SO
  • Word 7: *WHEN

But How to get Band 7+ using simple words?

Word 1: Using *IF

What’s in a mind when you’re thinking about this word? How can you use this word? Just suppose you say: If I have money, I’ll buy a Ferrari. But in real, not quite sentences like that you can use IF very protectively

  1. to show cause and effect or extending ideas.

Sample 1: If I don’t get enough sleep, I feel terrible the next day.

Sample 2: If the sun is out, my house warms up quickly.

Sample 3: If people start recycling, it can make big difference.

  1. We can also use IF to criticize someone or something
    Sample 1: If people exercised more then maybe they’d be heathier.

Sample 2: If education system were better, more people would understand this.

Sample 3: If business is cared more about environment, I guess that we’d be in a better position.

  1. To show problem and solutions or Use “IF” to suggest solutions to problems
    Sample 1: If people want to solve these problems, they will need to demand change   from their leaders.

Sample 2: If people want change, they will have to make some sacrifices.

Sample 3: If I studied with hard motivation I would pass my IELTS exam.

Now question is how we use IF in IELTS speaking test then lets take a part 3, and see how we can use IF to answer the question?

Q: How can people improve their health?

A: I think that’s pretty simple. Firstly, you need to exercise of course. If you do about 30 minutes exercise then that will keep you fit. Staying healthy is actually pretty easy. If people weren’t so lazy they’d be much fitter. I mean, if you want to get fit, you need to get off the couch and go for walk.


Word 2: Using *MORE

Instead of memorizing fancy sounding words you have to focus on more easy words that can maintain your English fluency or they create more problems. So more is very versatile word and we use it lot in our daily conversations, it’s help you connecting and extending your ideas. And also help in your grammars and your pronunciations.

  1. Use ‘More’ to extend your ideas

Sample 1: The more I study the more my test results improve.

Sample 2: The more we invest in energy research, the sooner we can start solving    global warning.

Sample 3: The faster children develop healthier eating habits, the less likely they’ll grow up to suffer from diet-related diseased.

Let’s take example of IELTS Speaking Part 1:

Q:  What’s more important in your job, the work you do or the people you work with?

A: Ah, it’ definitely the people. The nicer and more helpful your colleagues are the more fun you have at work

Note: using sooner, nicer, faster, etc. helps you to improve your pronunciations.

Word 3 & 4: Using *‘To’ & ‘The’

These are two fantastic words to help you to focus on connected speech to linked In. Let me show you,

  1. Use ‘To’ and ‘The’ like this:

Sample 1: I went to the gym yesterday.

Sample 2: I would go to the library at school.

Sample 3: I took the train to the zoo.


Word 5: Using *Which

It is strange to use in IELTS speaking exams but we can you this in following ways:

  1. Use “Which” to reflect on something:

(idea), which is strange because …, which is important because

  1. Use “which” to show cause and effect:

(idea), which causes.., which may result in ..


Let’s take sample of part one questions :

Q: What is your favorite room in your house?

A: It’s definitely my bedroom. It’s got a big window that faces the east, which is wonderful because in the morning it fill my room with sunshine.



Word 6: Using *So

So can be use at the comparison or may be list of idea. So that you can conclude your idea.

  1. Use “So” to conclude your ideas

Q: Who is more responsible for addressing the dangers of global warming, individuals or governments?

A: Well it depends. If individuals make an effort, they can accomplish a lot through recycling and living more sustainable lifestyles. But if governments set clear regulations, they can very strongly influences businesses to find more sustainable practices, which is important because they can create more pollutions than individuals. So, it’s probably governments who bear most of the responsibility.

Word 7: Using *When

It’s great way to say about ideas and experiences. Or it shows your final point .or it help to think you that to reflect your final point to the speaker. Example: when I studied at university…

When I was in Nepal ..

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