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True False or Not Given

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It’s always clear about when fact you are given is clearly in the reading then it’s True, and opposite of the fact is False. And if not both, it’s Not Given.

To solve this question, you have to follow the order of the text. Read the question carefully to make sure you fully understand what it is saying. Scan the text to find where the answer is using key words from the question. When you find the answer is, read the text carefully to identify if you think it is True , False or Not Given. The questions will probably use synonyms rather than the words in the text. Look out for controlling words such as “Only”, “all”, “never”, etc. For example, if the fact in the question says “some” and the fact in the text says “all”, then it is False.

Do not spend a long time looking for the answer to one questions; It’s probably Not Given. Make sure you use the correct code, ‘Yes’,’No’, ‘No Information’, is sometimes used so careful about these.

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