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Summary: IELTS Reading - 9 Tips To Get 9 Bands

There are some important tips where you can increase your Reading skills in IELTS.

Some important tips for IELTS reading:

  • Choose a keyword very carefully, keyword should be unique and according to the title of the passage.
  • Never read full paragraph or passage at once, never go through the full test when you get it.
  • Make sure your spelling are correct while you are writing answers or note.
  • Always write answers in Capital letter or uppercase.
  • Practice in both case either CBT or paper based.
  • Do not practice without timer, always try set timer in your cell phone . So that you can improve your timing level in real exam.
  • Understand quick reading and never read aloud.
  • Do not read the name of a person or place, or do not try to pronounce the names perfectly while reading.
  • Expect paraphrase or synonyms of the keywords you have chosen.

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