Job Interview – How to handle Technical Online Interview ?

This is most important part for most of the candidates after selection from the first round that is HR interview. Now you have to face technical round with two or more interviewers.

Technical interviews are a part of the hiring process for technical professionals: it’s a highly focused and rigorous process that assesses your technical skills, personality, and problem-solving abilities. In the same vein as “show, don’t tell,” you need to demonstrate your skills to the interviewer, rather than just stating them. The purpose of a technical interview isn’t to trick you with riddles, brainteasers, or impossible questions, but rather to see how you tackle real-world problems, such as those you may encounter once you get hired. For the majority of us, technical interviews are a nightmare come true (with 3-4 interview rounds, remote coding challenges, and even full-day onsite interviews). Even though they are intimidating, it is much easier when you know what to expect and have invested time into interview preparation.

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