F1 Visa Interview | Best Questions and Answers | 2022

US is one of the popular study destinations for higher study amongst international students and it also have some of the best universities in the word. Universities of US also support their foreign students , they have a flexible education system, are culturally diverse, have high ranking programs and give students the opportunity to study and work as well.

If you’re planning to study here then you have to prepare for F1 visa interview first. So there’s also a main question why you choose this Country?

While you are facing the interview then What questions will be asked and how should they be answered? Here is some samples questions and answers for you. 

F1 Visa interview questions

  1. Why did you choose the course you are applying for?
  2. How many universities did you apply to before you got accepted and why?
  3. What are the names of the universities you got accepted to?
  4. What is the name of the college or university you want to study in and why did you choose it? And also did you get any scholarship?
  5. Have you visited the US before or do you have any relatives living in the US ? How long do you intent on staying in the US?
  6. Your bank statement sees several large amounts of transactions were recently deposited. Can you explain about his?
  7. Most applicants eventually turn to potential immigrants. What about you? Will you be returning to your country after your course?


  1. I’m passionate about studying Engineering (Course details) ,and i would love to expand my knowledge of it. In my country, we do not have many experts in this field , but I believe that what I learned during my studies would help me to improve existing systems in my country and equip me to out as well. This will help me to establish a career once I come home.
  2. Before I got accepted to study at MIT, I also applied to many other universities like Harvard, Colorado and New York universities. I choose these schools, because during my research they proved best universities in the world that offer an undergraduate program on Computer Science.
  3. Only MIT university accept my study approval. And rejection in other university was due to that they didn’t find me a good fit for their program.
  4. Well, I choose to study at MIT, because it has some of the best faculty members in my filed of study whom I greatly admire.  And also in my country is reputed globally for having a reasonable educational system, yet it cannot be compared with that of the USA. The USA is home to the majority of the high-ranking universities in the world, and obtaining a degree from one of those world-class institutions is a feat I hope to achieve one day. Additionally, the field of study I wish to major in is not taught in my country. 
    And I do not get any scholarship. My Parents will be the ones sponsoring my education and funding my cost of living in the US, for the duration of my studies.
  5.  No, this would be my first time visiting the US. And I intend to stay in the US for two years, which is the allotted duration for my study.
  6. I made a recent transfer of all my funds from my other saving accounts and some of from my parents saving accounts to the bank statement you are seeing now. That is why the recent transfer amounts are high.
  7. Yes, I wish to return to my home country after my studies in the US. There is alarge shortage of skilled professionals who major in the course I an now going to study in my country, with my qualifications I could make a huge difference in my community.

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