How to become a Data Analyst and Complete Road map?

A data analyst’s responsibilities include conducting a complete lifecycle analysis including requirements, activities, and design. Data analysts develop analysis and reporting capabilities. We also monitor performance and quality control plans to identify areas for improvement.

What does a data analyst do?

Generally speaking, a data analyst will retrieve and gather data, organize it and use it to reach meaningful conclusions. “Data analysts’ work varies depending on the type of data that they’re working with—for example sales, social media, inventory, etc.—as well as the specific client project,” says Stephanie Pham, analyst for Porter Novelli®.

Companies in every industry, from hospital systems to fast food chains, can benefit from quality data analysis. The insights that data analysts bring to an organization are valuable to employers who are willing to respond to findings and better address problems, meet demand and satisfy their customers or clients.

Regardless of which industry they work in, data analysts can expect to spend their time developing systems for collecting data, seeking meaningful patterns and compiling their findings into reports that can help improve their company.

Analysts can be involved in any part of the analysis process. In a data analyst role, you could be included in everything from setting up an analytics system to providing insights based on the data you collect—you may even be asked to train others in your data-collection system.

Now that you have an idea of what data analysts do in general, you’re ready to dig into the specifics of life on the job as a data analyst.

Let’s elaborate more clearly with example:

Let’s consider one scenario on last year’s Christmas Urban Company noticed that they have high demand in the beauty category, but they are short of partners because of which they are unable to fulfill the demands because of which the business is suffering loss so they didn’t want to repeat the same mistake this Christmas so they want to onboard many partners but how many should they partner with? They want to make some technical features but what features should they create? which technical features will improve the metrics in the direction they want which business decisions to take to figure all this out, they have to analyze the data of the previous year and there comes in the data analyst the job of a data analyst is to basically to convert a raw data into something meaningful, so that the business person who can be managers or CFOs up to the higher positions they can make a decision they can make out that, these things are required in the company so that product managers can work on it or whichever the category manager is or the operation manager they are able to work with that data, so that so that the quota/ result of this year or this quarter can be fruitful so the job of the data analyst is to basically help nowadays all the companies has a lot of data so with the help of the data how you can beat the competition how you can draw meaningful insight from it how you can convert or interpret it in terms that people who don’t know what is data can also easily understand it who do not understand data at all to explain to them as well is the job of a data analyst.Nowadays almost all companies require a data analyst how can you become a data analyst what are the pre-requisites, what are the requirements what skills are needed how you have to make your resume which companies are providing jobs and how you can ace the interview this video is around that and the actual reality the reality in World around data analyst.

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