It’s all I know about dark web story !

It’s always been a mystery in my mind about dark web what’s this why people always concerned even it’s illegal in countries? Even in my ISP its not allowed to run, so many users try to use VPN or tor browsers to access this web. There’s always a mystery in dark web what we think or what we see in our technology is totally different than this? So how we define dark web it’s all about criminals, illegals activities platform? By doing lot’s of research about dark web, I found lots o stories related to it which was so unpleasant. Therefore I personally not recommended to use or visit this platform. Its’ about exactly how dark human mind get, how sick to stick and twisted could one individual become while hiding their identity everything.

What is dark web?

The dark web is a part of the internet that is not indexed by search engines and is only accessible through specialized software, such as the TOR (The Onion Router) browser. The dark web is often associated with illegal activities, as it provides a degree of anonymity and is difficult for law enforcement agencies to monitor.

The dark web is home to a number of illegal marketplaces that sell drugs, weapons, stolen personal data, and other illegal goods and services. It is also used for a variety of nefarious purposes, including human trafficking, child pornography, and the sale of stolen credit card information.

However, it is important to note that not all of the dark web is illegal. Some people use the dark web to protect their privacy and communicate anonymously, such as journalists, activists, and whistle-blowers. There are also legitimate websites on the dark web that offer services such as anonymous email and secure messaging.

It is not recommended for individuals to access the dark web without a good understanding of the risks involved, as it can be a dangerous place. It is also illegal to purchase illegal goods or services on the dark web.

After study dark web you’ll come know that there’s not difference between right and wrong. You heard lots of crime story from dark web , so underground mafia news, how they doing their business through this? Even worlds toppest Criminal bureaus tracking or controlling such activities but still they failed.

I want to share some of popular story related dark web which was so disaster in the history.

First story i heard most:

First story related to ‘My name is Darius’, the story picked up from reddit. Before talking about this story, first imagine while you’re reading this blog I already have your all personnel details in my side and I’m sending a message in your screen and threatened you to do something, then how do you feel at that time? So let’s start story, darius is a storyteller, so he shared his story in reddit. Dark web is not accessible to from any other browsers, it’s only accessible through using Tor browser because it hides your identity and safe. Now, darius anyhow enters the dark web platform and sees normal website as seen in other browsers, but it’s different from normal websites, like where he sees about government official documents, illegal drugs and gun, even he’s hire a hacker or killer over there. After some surfing he got a sudden message on his screen which said, want some surprise, click here? . After clicking on the link, he entered the RedRoom a video streaming site, which look like livestreaming with chat section of YouTube. And after certain second another popup shown were written ‘Let the game begins’. Then after in live video screen a door opened and where he saw, a lady sit in the chair whose hand got tightened with rope. In another side in chat screen, people are madly chatting and converting dollar to bitcoin and paying the owner to do some more torture with that girl. After seeing this darius become scared and decided to leave that screen, when he clicked the close button there’s another pop up shown and where written, Darius are you scared? And he becomes more scared after how they got his name and closed that screen. And another screen pop up shown in the screen if you leave this screen then there’s you where now you’re seeing the girl. After seeing such threatened message, he shut down the PC. After some days, he comes to know that he’s phone has been hacked and all the data from his phone had been removed. Also, hacker enables camera access so that they can track him. Again after some week, while he’s returning to home he saw some strange things in his house, where door already opened and found sticky note were written ‘Darius we found you!’. And interesting thing is that, this story posted 2 years ago and there’s no evidence or any updates of darious that he still alive or death or they took them in RedRoom?

Second story begins with ..

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