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#Facts : No. of items on test : 1 or 2;  Integrated Scoring : Writing and Reading

#Scored On:  Content:0-2 ; Length: 0-1 (5-75 words) ; Grammer: 0-2;  Vocabulary: 0-2

#Timing : Total 10 mins ;3-4 Min : Reading ; 5-6 Min : Writing ; 1-2 Min : Checking

#Reading Tips: Find the main idea of the whole text and 1,2,3 important ‘sub-ideas‘ Or Find the main idea of each paragraph.

#Writing Tips: Play with the sentence – move the parts around!

  Make it ‘Complex’ (which, that, who)

                      Avoid ‘However’, ‘Therefore’, etc.

 Avoid ‘although’, ‘despite’ unless at start of sentence.

Aim for 30-40 words

#Template: [Main Sentence]; [(first capital letter )Secondary Sentence], which means that [ Third Sentence], so [Final Sentence].

Example:Brand loyalty exists when consumers repeat-purchase your brand rather than swapping and switching between brands, and brand loyalty is crucial for achieving high-profit margins, which means that the firms need to refresh the brand image to keep the products relevant to the target market, so a clear objective must be set. (38 words)

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