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1. After To, Can, Could, Would, Shall _____ V1 : If no “a or an” | one of the ____ plural nouns appears: 

Ex: I’m here to Watch a movie, He is going to play, I’m here to represent my client | He went to places which was very exciting.

2. After “for/while”_____ V4: Ex: I need something for storing food. While researching on the project.

3. After “it/which/that/” ______ verbs with S/ES : Ex: It plays/pay an important rule. The ingredient which covers/cover the larget proportion is missing.

4. After singular noun use V5 & for plural use V1 – vise versa: Ex: The cities offer new restaurants.  The restaurant offers new menu.

5. After one of the, plural nouns appears: EX: This is one of the great hospita/restuarant. One of the restuarant/hospital nearly is good. One of the great places offer new experience.

6. After noun, in the past tense, V2 appears: Ex: In the 18th century, the king killed many empires.

7. After is, was, were, am, are ________ V4(Active Voice) | V3 ( Passive Voice) : Ex: The cat is killed by him. This kingdom is offering many picturesque places.

8. After has, have, had _______ V3 :  Ex: This king has killed many rulers.

9. After has/have/had been ________ V4 | V3 | Adjective | since go together:

Ex: This patient has been waiting. He has been killed yesterday (Time). Ravan has been killed by Ram(passive voice). This patient has been given injection this morning. This doctor has been good for me as I am progressing. This doctor has been monitoring me since 2 years. I have been playing football since 1 year.

11. After a verb, adverb follows | After an adjective, adverb follows______end in LY :

Ex: He slowly took a decision. The city was spectacularly outstanding.

12. Either or Leads ___ singular noun: Ex: Either his friend or the family  offers him something to breathe.

13. If sentence is ending, ___V4:(Gerund): Ex: The policies given here are very stringents leading to the fall of the government.

14: After Apostrophe ____ noun appears | Extension of verb ____ adverb | Fact use Present Tense:

15. After ‘THAT’ word, use plural nouns:  Ex: reference that reveals how changes in the US.

16. After ‘BE’ word, use V4: Ex: Powers list will probably be surprising to anyone.17. After ‘OF’ word, use noun: Ex: Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal.

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