How ChatGPT Open AI Bot becoming so popular ?

What is Chat GPT Open AI Bot?

Using dialogue-based AI, ChatGPT can understand natural language from humans and produce writing that is remarkably detailed and human-like.

It is the most recent development in the family of text-generating AIs known as the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT).

Who created it?
The newest chatbot from Elon Musk’s independent research organization, OpenAI, is the new AI.

How chatgpt handles your queries?

How It works?

Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Chat GPT is a chatbot that can comprehend human language and respond to queries. Natural language processing (NLP) technology is used in its operation to enable it to comprehend a variety of human interactions, including text, voice, and video.By identifying patterns in talks and dissecting them into essential elements like context, intent, and entities, the chatbot is able to comprehend human input. It can then offer a suitable response once it has understood the user’s request.

Things that didn’t know to chatGpt.

1.Current Events:

Current Events didn8217t know to chatGpt

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