US F-1 Real Visa Interview Experiences – December 2022

There is no shortcut to passing your US visa interview as an international student applying for an F-1 student visa. A successful US visa interview requires preparation, just like with your US university application and the other parts of the visa application process. To prepare, you can practice answering your American embassy interview questions for a student visa.

Additionally, the Consular Officer may ask any details/documents pertaining to the eligibility criteria and the travel plan. Ensure that you are ready with the documents and know the details of it. Depending on the location of the United States Embassy/Consulate, make sure you arrive at the address well before the scheduled interview time. Since you will need to go through security checks, etc. you may lose a significant amount of time before reaching your turn. Most of the visa questions are centered on the category of the visa, duration of stay, applicant’s nationality, however, these are few of the most common questions asked during to the United States Visa interview.

Here are some real interview Experinces

Clearing a visa interview is not difficult; however, if you didn't perform well, then you might have to face rejection, even if you have an excellent academic record.

Conversation 1

Status:approved ✅
University:university of Idaho
Slot time:1:30
Curly vo
I was quiet nervous and excited at the same time.
Me : Namaste officer,good afternoon!
Vo : good afternoon (silent pause)
Me: how’s your day going on officer?
Vo : it’s preety good.(typing)
Why this major?
Me : biological science is one of the course that perfectly fits my area of Intrest,my aim and my academic background. With this major I will be able to learn more about micro organisms,fullfill my dream of becoming food microbiologist and establish my career in nepal.this field has very promising future in nepal. most of the food consume by neplease people are mostly inorganic and processed which has given rise to number of diseases and is very serious concern ( interrupted)
Vo (looking at my transcript):oh you went to police school.
Me : yes officer
Vo : I see your tution fee is quite expensive who is gonna pay for those?
Me : officer my parents are going to sponser my education and entire stay in USA. Well my father is a business man. He owns a brick factory and generates around ……per year where as my mother is a retired police officer and owns a grocery store with an annual income of …..
Vo: How many workers are there in your factory?
Me : There are around 200 workers in my factory.
Vo : Do you have any siblings?
Me : yes officer, I do have a younger brother he is currently studying in grade 3.
Vo : (Smiled then kept my passport in a box and passed me the green slip❤️)
Me : Thank you soo much officer. Have a nice day.
Tips : just be confident, bold and speak loud then boom visa is yours🇺🇸

Conversation 2

Mexican VO
I was like super late and also mistakenly happened to print the incorrect I-20. Reached embassy at 1:20 ( my time was allocated at 1:30) quickly went to the shop for printing I-20 and requested them for keeping my wallet and phone. Then, I proceeded towards the embassy.
The visa rate was 60/40 as per my observation.
Bald VO and the short VO was giving 1/2 green slip but Mexican was giving yellow matra.
After biometrics I was sent to Mexican VO. I was kinda nervous but anyways had to control myself. The girl before me was rejected then VO called me.
VO: Namastey! Pass me your documents
Me: Namastey Officer and Goodafternoon
And then I passed the documents
VO: How aerospace from this uni will help in your future.
Me: Well officer, from this course I will be learning all about designing, building, internal computing systems, safety measures, navigation, aircraft maintenance etc for the flying vehicles. I will learn about the mechanics of how an aircraft work through practical or theoretical training in topics such heat and combustion, aerodynamics, flight mechanics, aircraft structure and so forth. Also officer, there are not so many experts in this field in Nepal. So, the knowledge from this university will help me stand out once I return to Nepal.
VO: Tell about your scholarships?
Me: Officer, I have been offered New Mexico State University International Competitive Scholarships. I will be paying tuition at instate rate which is 3times Lower than that of out of state.
VO: Haven’t you applied for any other scholarships?
Me: Officer, I have contacted my advisor and I was told that there wasn’t any scholarships available for the International Student.
VO: You should have looked for other scholarships also
Me: Officer as I told that There wasn’t any available scholarship that’s why.
VO: I can’t seeyour scholarship in the I-20 he was pointing out my I-20
Me: It’s written in the remarks part officer and I pointed it to him
VO: Haven’t you got any scholarships for housing?
Me: Officer, this is state university and it only provides scholarships as instate fee. And international students are not eligible for other scholarships.
VO: What does your sponsor do?
Me: Officer, My mother owns a gas station. Apart from that there are other incomes coming from two rented flat of my house, land leased to the nursery and from the transportation service. Her annual income is 52k USD
VO: I don’t need to know your annual income
Me: ok sir
VO: tell me about your other sponsors?
Me: Officer, my father passed away when I was at grade 4 so my mother is only my sponsor.
VO: ok boy I am issuing your visa. There are many scholarships which you can apply to. Also donot work part time there it is illegal and you will be departed.
Me : Thank you Officer, I was joining my hands and saying ok Officer on the end of his each sentence. Most of the time VO was looking at my I-20 and transcripts
Tip : Make it as a conversation. I know it’s cliché suggestion lol.
BOL for those whose interview in line.

Conversation 3

13 Dec
College: Mount Aloysius College
Time :1:00
Status: Approved
Wild rejection hanira thyo tara j hos visa layo
Experience:Good afternoon officer
No reply
Vo : why this college ?
I have chosen this college beacuse the course curriculum has a unique blend of digital forensics and cyber security. I can also do my extra certification on Digital forensics investigation certificate program which will really add to my profile. The cybersecurity program of this college has been listed in National Center of Academic excellence by US National Security agency and US department of Homeland security which answered all the questions on the quality of education. Also the college provided me a scholarship of 15000 dollar which will reduce my tution by 50%
Why IT :
I have been coding since i was in class 7 and since my brother is an ethical hacker, i had a little knowledge on ethical hacking. During lockdown i spent most of my time learning ethical hacking which i found really interesting and I decided to pursue my Bachelor in Cybersecurity.
Future plans: I am planning on joining Interpol to
Passed me a green slip.

Conversation 4

Date= 29th November
Time= 10:15
Coa= 29200
Scholarship= 9700
Pte= 61
11/12= 3.66/3.46
Major= biology
Officer: curly VO
Me= Namaste good morning officer. How are you? How was your weekend (loud voice)
Vo= Good morning. Pass me your documents
Me= Here it is
Vo= so you are going to washburn university right?
Me= yes officer
Vo= Why bachelors?
Me= (I’m shocked, why this question) officer, after my graduation I couldn’t attend college so I am going for my bachelors directly. etc..
Vo= so what you did in your gap year?
Me= for short period of time I did research about my major and university. And after that, I volunteered in mechi multiple campus affiliated to TU in my related field.
Vo= So, you have 9700$ scholarship. Who gonna pay rest?
Me= my parents are going to sponsor me
Vo= what does they do ?
Me= my father mother ,saving from rent
Vo= why this university?
Me= As per my research I found this university
And she gave me green slip
Me= thank you so much officer
Tips= Confidence 
Good luck❤

Conversation 5

Dec 15 (2:45)
Visa experience
Visa 2:45 
I was in good mood..
Good afternoon sir , how are you ?
Good afternoon, how this course will help you in your future?
Sorry , i cant hear you officer
Officer , i have a strong ambition to work as business development manager in big business houses like golcha organization, dugar group.
To be a skilled business development manager, i really need to have a strong personality along with good capability to handle clients, able to generate more revenue ,able to communicate, motivate, lead and manage people . With this course , i will able to introduce to root level and able to develop my skills through internships, projects from morehead state university.
Vo : how many universities have you applied?
Me:. Officer , officer i applied for two universities which is siue and morehead state university
Vo : from where did you find this universities ?
Officer i attended webners and (interrupt)
Umhummm , internet source .
I cant understand this , all the universities you know are from internet source , i wonder how ?
How ? I am very curious , can you tell me the process ?
Tespaxi teo k vanyo ma vannu lako thiyee
Sorryy reyy . Ani k k. Vanira thiyo ma ta blank vako thiye kehi yaad nai vayena … Tara excuse deko hoina sorr nai sunira thiyena k vanyaa vanyaa .. 2,3 choti sodhna parni ..
Luck vanam ke afnai galti vanam ke vo ley time na deko vanam ke k vannu vannu
Idk what happened ..
Hard luck .

Conversation 6

University: university of South Dakota
Major : computer and information science
Vo : curly hair lady
10:00 thiyo interview chai Tara 8:55 tira embassy vitra gaisakya thiya
Tyo din pink rw yellow slip dira thiyo
Ali ali nervous vaira thiya Tara Afno best dinxu jasto vaya ni vaney rw sochira thiya
Mero agadi ekjana lady hunu hunthiyo ma halka demotivated vaira thiya usley malai Afno parents lai samjha vanney rw motivate garnu vayo thank you so much tya vanna na paya pani
Curly lady ko mood tyo din ramro thiyo ki aba Mero luck thiyo thaha vaya na
Ma janney bitikai aafai namaste vannu vayo ani mailey ni namaste mam vaney
Vo: pass me your document
Me: here it is
Vo: why this university?
Me: well, on the basis of three reason I choose this university
First and foremost, usd provides collaborative research ,project and campaign during my academic year where I can learn and explored different topics related my field also it has a very unique course which is machine organization laboratory…..interrupted
Vo: why this major?
Me: I have been really fascinated by the computers since I got my first computer at class 7 . First I was just into videos and gaming but when I get really vast into I get to know that it is designed by coding…interrupted
Vo: who’s your sponsor?
Me:my parents are my sponsor
Begin with my father, he owns a jewelry shop at Itahari since 2014 where he makes 26k$ to 28k$ per year
likewise my mother is a lecturer at mahendra campus where she earns 9K$ per year
Vo: congratulations 🎉 vaney rw green slip dinu vayo

Conversation 7

Consulate:-Kathmandu Maharajgunj
University:-Youngstown State University
Major:-Bachelor in Electrical Engineering
VO:- Curly hair lady officer.
My interview goes like this…..
Me:-Good morning Mam (i directly passed my all her)
VO:-Good morning.(smile) checked my I-20 and say going for Engineering?
Me:-Yes mam Electrical Engineering.
VO:- She put my doc infront of her screen and look straight to me with big smile and with her hand gestures and by reacting to me( I don’t know about the Circuits…😊).
Me:- (Smile)..No problem Ma!M.
VO:- In which other university did you applied?
Me:- The University of Toledo.
VO:- Why YSU over that?
Me:- Professor of YSU Dr.(….)doing research in(…./….) on which i wanted to work and they have separate labs(—–/—)specially for Electrical Engineers.
VO:- Do you have any relatives in us?
Me:- No mam. Im the first person travelling to the US from my family.
VO:-Who are your sponsor?
Me:- My parents is going to sponsor me for my education and all expanses in us.
VO:-What they do?
Me:-My father owns a business and my mother is a senior nurse in Grandi In’t Hospital.
VO:-What kind of business?
Me:-Clothes wholesell…(he import seasonal clothes from china and sell to retailors here in the valley).
VO:- Their combined income?
Me:-42$k annually(she is typing on by looking her screen and i explain) we do have really good amt of saving 35$k which will be used for my education and also have 6ropanis of land in Nuwakot district of nepal.
VO:-SMILE..turn left side and handed me green slips(have a nice day).
Me:- Thank you so much mam
Pass Out:- 2019.
Academic:- Diploma in Electrical Engineering.(C.T.E.V.T. affiliated)
IELTS:- 6.5.
Tips:-be confident 

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