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Book: Protection of personal information on the Internet, smartphone and computer

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According to statistics, most users of personal computers and the Internet themselves allow attackers or simply technically savvy third parties to steal / use their personal data. And the damage from such illegal actions ranges from insignificant to catastrophic. No one can help protect your data better than… And this book will help you with this. In simple and understandable language, it tells you how to effectively protect your email, what methods are better to use for this purpose, and also gives examples of hacking e-mail. You will learn how to become anonymous on the Internet so that you are not disturbed by the annoying rules of forums, how to protect yourself from viruses on the Internet, what is the Tog project and VPN anonymizer.

Author: V. Kamsky
Edition format: 170×240 mm (medium format)
Number of pages: 272
Year of issue: 2017

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