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Developer Process 1 (HR Interview) • HamroSaathi

Developer Process 1 (HR Interview)

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A senior developer has responsibility for support and guiding the rest of the team through all kinds of projects, difficult or otherwise. You want to make sure that they are up to the task.



“Thank you very much for inviting me to be interviewed for this position today. I have applied for this job because I believe the skills, qualities and experience I have are a strong match for the job description.

Well myself XXXX from XXXX. I did my bachelors in computer engineering and Over the years, I have built up lots of skills and qualities in different programming languages that I believe will be of benefit to y

our organization. I am a very strong team worker and I understand that in order to achieve difficult projects and tasks, you must work with other people, and you must bring in their skills and their experiences.

I am also very good at working under pressure and I actually prefer to be in situations where the pressure is on because I believe this is where I am at my best. I am also very good at building up relationships with clients and customers, and I feel this will benefit your organization from a commercial perspective.

Highlights of my career include, in particular, in my last role, I was praised by my developer  for working as part of a team that managed to increase company sales by twenty-five percent. So, I am very focused on achieving difficult tasks and projects that are aligned to your strategic objectives.

I am the type of person who will work hard, I will never let you down, and I will always act as a positive role model when dealing with your customers and clients. If you hire me in this position, you will quickly see a positive return on your investment.”

“In XXXX, I graduated from the University of XXX with a degree in computer engineering, and from there I went straight into an internship php development. During the year I was there, I learned how to develop software at a professional level and got practice communicating with clients and estimating projects.”

“After that, I started working at XXX pvt solutions Software Company as a junior developer. A year into that job, I was promoted to senior developer, which meant I handled my own projects and checked the junior developers’ before they went to the client. I held that position until the company went under last month.”


Introduce yourself. https://youtu.be/cpm0aB9M-1g

• Why do you want to work for us? https://youtu.be/03tznItEe9c

• What’s your biggest weakness? https://youtu.be/UX_dxcjp5Gw

• What are your strengths? https://youtu.be/gCJsGsZ3hhU

• Why do you want to leave your job? https://youtu.be/sB2xKJ25E2Y

• Why should we hire you? https://youtu.be/S_vUbqYymjI

• What do you know about our company? https://youtu.be/iSZ9h8Mmhu0

• What experience do you have relevant to the position? https://youtu.be/Bz9H8nErdDY

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